How is sample rack defined for the Lachat ASX280 and ASX260 Autosamplers?


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How is sample rack defined for the Lachat ASX280 and ASX260 Autosamplers?
Lachat ASX260 ASX280 sample rack
If the Lachat ASX260 or ASX280 are not configured correctly, a Y-axis error may occur or the autosampler probe may miss sample tubes if this occurs, please certify the below settings. 

First verify the correct sampler is selected under Autosampler in the Omnion Configure Autosampler. Please note that the tray for both the ASX260 and ASX280 will be labeled as ASX260 tray seen below. 

Once the sampler is configured in the Configure Autosampler screen, accept and close the configurator. Open the desired .omn data file to use. Verify the correct sample rack is configured on the diagram for what is physically configured on the instrument under the Racks tab of the Run Properties window seen below. 

Both the ASX280 and ASX260 will reference 260 followed by the tray configuration.
The default setting in the Racks tab is a 90 position rack, which is not correct for these samplers. This will need to be defined in each run that uses one these samplers. This incorrect configuration can be seen below. Note that there is no 260 designation. 

If the sampler diagram matches what is physically configured on the sampler, the sampler tray configuration should be complete. 

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