What are the basic troubleshooting steps for a Sension+ DO6 having measurement or calibration issues?


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What are the basic troubleshooting steps for a Sension+ DO6 having measurement or calibration issues?
Steps that can be taken if there are issues with a 5130 Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen probe on a Sension+ DO6 meter.
Due to the high maintenance requirements for Polarographic electrodes, most issues are maintenance related. This is why, in most cases, the Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen probes are recommended over the Polarographic electrodes. See also: What are the benefits of using an LDO® (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) over a Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen (PDO) probe?

The fist thing to verify is that the probe has been properly polarized. Basic User Manual: Sension+ 5130_DOC022.97.80308

General Maintenance
  • Take care when handling the membrane module. Do not to touch the membrane.
  • Keep the probe assembled with Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Electrolyte Filling Solution in the membrane cap.
  • Do not allow the DO probe membrane module to dry out unless storing the probe for an extended period of time.
  • When not in use, screw the sension+ Storage Tube onto the probe.  This helps prevent damage to the sensor.
  • Replace the DO probe membrane if:
    • The membrane is damaged.
    • The measurement reading drifts or has a slow response time.  This can be caused by sample contamination or degradation over time.
  • Prior to replacing the membrane module, cleaning the probe should be done to help improve performance.
  • Cleaning of the membrane module can be attempted by soaking the membrane module (detached from the probe body) in a soap solution and rinsing with deionized water.
  • The anode and cathode can also be cleaned with deionized water.  They should be blotted dry by a clean lab wipe prior to reassembling the probe.
  • The anode can also be polished with the polishing cloth supplied with the probe.  The polishing cloth will remove deposits that may impact performance of the probe.
  • The anode is the outer metallic stem of the probe that is visible when the membrane cap is removed (see picture below).
  • Polish the anode whenever the membrane cap is replaced or between membrane cap replacements if the performance of the probe seems to have degraded over time.
  • Replace the DO Electrolyte Filling Solution if:
    • The membrane is removed from the probe, either for replacement or anode cleaning.
    • At a regular interval of 1-2 months if used frequently.
    • If the probe has been stored for over 3 months.
    • If probe performance has degraded over time. 
  • It is recommended to try replacing the DO electrolyte filling solution before replacing the membrane.

There is a D.O. Probe Service Kit (Product # 5196800) available for purchase, which includes the polishing cloth for the anode, replacement membranes, and replacement filling solution. This covers the majority of maintenance needs for the electrode.

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