What is the cleaning procedure for the SP510 Colorimeter?


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What is the cleaning procedure for the SP510 Colorimeter?
SP510 Colorimeter Cleaning Procedure

The SP510 colorimeter can collect sediment and layers may grow on the inside walls. Clean the cell with an acid solution and a cotton swab as needed.

Items to collect:
• Sulfuric acid standard solution, 19.2 N, 100 mL, Product # 203832
• Wooden or paper cotton-tipped swab
• Bent steel paper clip
• Stir bar (optional)

1. Remove the plug from the top port of the colorimeter.
2. Remove the magnetic stir bar with a bent steel paper clip as a retrieval tool.
3. Use the pipette to add 2–3 drops of 19.2 N sulfuric acid standard solution in the colorimeter.
     Note: Lower normality sulfuric acid is not sufficient to clean the colorimeter.
4. Let the sulfuric acid stay in the colorimeter for 15 minutes.
5. Use a wooden or cotton-tipped swab to clean the interior surfaces of the colorimeter cell. Move the cotton-tipped swap gently up and down.
     Note: Do not use a plastic swab to clean the colorimeter with sulfuric acid. The acid will dissolve the plastic.
6. Make sure that the measurement cell is dry.
7. Clean the stir bar with water or alcohol or replace the stir bar.
8. Replace the plug in the top port of the colorimeter.

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