Portable Samplers Resource Library


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 14.01.2022
Portable Samplers Resource Library
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The AS950 Portable Sampler’s lightweight design, low power requirements, and easy mobility make it ideal for field applications, including stormwater, environmental, or industrial pre-treatment.
The AS950 portable sampler is available in three base sizes to meet different requirements; compact for smaller manhole applications, standard for a majority of applications and large to allow for large bottle composite sampling.

For stormwater sampling, the AS950 portable sampler provides the ability to initiate up to two different programs based on user-defined conditions, such as rainfall or pH thresholds. The AS950 can be further programmed to collect varying sample sizes, collect samples at user-specified time intervals (i.e., time-weighted) or flow volume increments (i.e., flow-weighted), or collect samples over an entire run-off event as determined by a rain or flow sensor. 

For industrial pre-treatment monitoring, the AS950 portable sampler is available with a non-contact liquid detect to prevent cross contamination of samples, without cumbersome cleaning procedures. Ensuring a clean sample is quick with pump tubing replacement that requires no tools. A Hach Differential pH sensor can also be added to initiate a sampling program when thresholds are exceeded.

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