How is a network created between SC1000 controllers?


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How is a network created between SC1000 controllers?
SC1000 network
Note: This article addresses creating an internal BUS network. For information about creating external network connections to a SCADA or PLC, please see the US ENG sc1000 Controller Enhanced Communications Manual_DOC023.53.90143

When creating an SC1000 controller network, you will need one SC1000 Internal Network Connector (Product # LZX918) per SC1000 probe module as well as a run of BUS cable (Product # LZY488 - indoor and flexible or Product # LZY489 - outdoor and rigid) which is sold by the foot. A network can be composed of up to 32 devices. . There can only be one display module per SC1000 network and it does not matter which probe module the display module is installed on. The maximum allowed distance between the first controller and the last controller in this network is 1000m (3280ft).

Connecting the network cable to the SC1000 probe modules:
The outside connectors (represented above by Probe Module 1 and Probe Module 3) should always be connected to 1A and 1B and the terminating switch should be turned on.  This places a resistor (~220 Ohms) across the 1A and 1B connection and also disables the 2A and 2B connection making it inoperable.  The center probe module should have the two cables connected to it, one on 1A and 1B and the second on 2A and 2B.  The switch should be in the off position to disable the terminating resistor and enabling connection 2.

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