What size sample cells/vials can be used with the DR6000?


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What size sample cells/vials can be used with the DR6000?
DR6000 Sample cell compatibility
The DR 6000 has two cell compartments. Only one cell type at a time can be used for a reading. The DR6000 includes the universal cell adapater.
Cell compartment (1) for:
13 mm and 16 mm round cells
Note: Cell compartment (1) contains a barcode detector for TNT+ cells/vials.
Cell compartment (2) for:
The following cell types can be inserted into the cell compartment (2) via the universal cell adapter.   
10 mm square cells
20 mm square cells
30 mm square cells
50 mm square cells
1 inch square cells
1 inch round cells
1 inch Pour-Thru cells
AccuVac ® vials
A diagram of this compartiment with the universal cell adapter is seen below:

A 100 mm (10 cm) square cell is also available. It requires a separate adapter.

What is the catalog number for the 10 cm sample cell adapter for the DR 6000?

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