What is Truecal and how to install Truecal (Lot Specific Calibration)?


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What is Truecal and how to install Truecal (Lot Specific Calibration)?
Truecal is part of the continuous improvement of Hach’s photometric system.
In addition to test number, lot number and shelf-life information, lot specific calibration data for LCK reagents are now stored on the barcode of each cuvette.
Hach results are always accurate - and Truecal will help to further reduce batch to batch variations caused by variability in chemistry raw materials quality. This means the results with Truecal will have even higher accuracy and will reduce variations between different batches in the long term.
  1. Reduces variation
  2. Increases accuracy of results
  3. Higher confidence

Truecal is compatible with DR3900 and DR6000 spectrophotometers.
Visit www.hach.com/truecal to learn which LCK products use Truecal calibration

Batch after batch - Be Right
Truecal with each cuvette includes the calibration data for each individual batch, reducing variation in results. This allows you to meet reporting standards and to perform proficiency testing with higher confidence.

The dotted lines represent the control limits. The gray line is the expected value, here 33 mg/L. The yellow line shows the measurement values of multiple production lots without Truecal. The blue curve displays the improvement with Truecal – the results are closer to the expected value and show less variability – batch after batch.
Installation of Truecal
DR3900 and DR6000 spectrophotometers manufactured after February 2018 already have the Truecal software installed.

How to check if the Truecal software is already on my instrument?

DR3900 and DR6000 older than March 2018, can be upgraded with a software which can be ordered and will be provided via USB drive, part number: LPZ440.99.00001

How to upgrade a DR3900 or DR6000 with the Truecal software LPZ440.99.00001?

Ensure that your instrument uses the latest firmware version:
DR3900:  V1.23 24 11 (or higher)
DR6000: V1.15 17 11 (or higher)
If your DR3900 or DR6000 is using an older firmware version please download the latest version from the Hach website and update your instrument before installing the Truecal software.
For the installation of the Truecal software LPZ440.99.00001 follow the instructions on the Instruction Sheet appended to the USB drive.

How to activate Truecal?


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