How do I reset a user, in Claros, when the user account is locked?


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How do I reset a user, in Claros, when the user account is locked?
Log in as an admin and go to Manage/Users.  Click on the user in question.  Click on User account is locked arrow.  User will receive an email to reset the password.
A Claros user gets locked out when they enter their password incorrectly more than four times in a row.

They will receive the following message on the fifth and subsequient attempts:
 The user will also receive an email that they are locked out:

All Admin users in the account will also receive an email notifying them that the user is locked out of the account.
1. An Admin User must log into the account.  Choose any application from the startup page after login.  Go to to login.  Note: Hach Support cannot do this for you.
2. Go to Manage>Users and click on that user.  Notice their status states LOCKED.

3.Click on User account is locked Grey bar with arrow.
4. You will be prompted to unlock the account.
5. Contact the user and have them click the Password Help link on the password entry page:
Go to to login.  Enter their username and click Continue.

User will receive email with a reset password link:


6. Click Reset Password link in Email.  Enter in new password, confirm new password and click CONTINUE. 


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