PIB 37-246 Product Launch - Truecal (Lot Specific Calibration)


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PIB 37-246 Product Launch - Truecal (Lot Specific Calibration)
Global; Hach Lab; 7/17/2018
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Product Launch
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal
Hach is excited to announce the launch of Truecal, a new feature for Hach’s LCK- and TNTplus reagents to further increase accuracy of results.

  • Truecal is a new feature for Hach’s LCK- and TNTplus reagents
  • Truecal supports many wastewater parameters
  • Truecal reduces variation and further increases accuracy of results
  • Truecal provides higher confidence
  • The 2D barcode now contains calibration data specific to each lot of chemistry. Calibration curves will automatically be updated
  • All new DR3900s and DR6000s will support the Truecal feature
  • The installed base of DR3900s and DR6000s can be upgraded with the Truecal software LPZ440.99.00001
  • Instrument upgrade is free of charge when entering a new service contract or with an upgrade of an existing service contract


Image 1: Continuous improvement of LCK and TNTplus
Besides test #, lot #, and shelf-life information, the 2D code now also contains lot specific calibration data.

Image 2: Impact of Truecal on measurement accuracy
The dotted lines represent the control limits. The gray line is the expected value, here 33 mg/L. The yellow line shows the measurement values of multiple production lots without Truecal. The blue curve displays the improvement with Truecal - the results are closer to the expected value and show less variability - lot after lot.


Global part number for Truecal (Lot Specific Calibration) software to upgrade installed base DR3900 and DR6000:  LPZ440.99.00001 

US Truecal landing page: www.hach.com/truecal
UK Truecal landing page: https://uk.hach.com/truecal

NOTE: Landing pages for other regions/other languages in preparation. The landing pages will link to additional resources:
EU: NOTE: Information on landing pages and HSO will continuously be updated.

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