What is the process to have an instrument serviced under warranty?


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What is the process to have an instrument serviced under warranty?
Warranty service procedure for Hach instrumentation.
If a Hach instrument or product is not meeting expectations please contact Hach Tech Support by completing the Ask A Question Form or 1800-227-4224 to determine a resolution. Hach Tech Support will troubleshoot directly with the end user of the instrumentation to identify if the issue can be resolved without needing service or replacement. If troubleshooting options are exhausted and the issue is not resolved, then the tech support representative will identify if the instrument is within the warranty period, and what warranty options would be available for that instrument. If the instrument would be serviced under warranty the tech support representative will create a service request and transfer the request to the Hach Service department.

Hach Service will create a work order to repair the instrumentation under the assumption of warranty, and a return authorization will be sent to the customer. Once the instrument is received by Hach Service, the instrument will be evaluated by the service technician.

If it is identified in this evaluation that the instrument issue is caused by a manufacturing defect, the instrument would be repaired at no cost.

Services which must be performed as a result of any of the following conditions below are subject to additional charges for labor and parts:
-Standard calibration and preventative maintenance are not covered under the factory warranty. Additional charges will apply.
-Equipment alterations not authorized in writing by Hach.
-Damage resulting from improper use or handling, accident, neglect, power surge, or operation in an environment or manner in which the instrument is not designed to operate or is not in accordance with Hach’s operating manuals.
-The use of parts or accessories not provided by Hach.
-Damage resulting from acts of war, terrorism or nature.

If it is identified during the evaluation that additional charges for labor and parts would be required to perform the service, the customer would be contacted. A quote would be generated for the cost of the repair and the customer is given the choice to move forward with the service at the quoted price. Otherwise the customer can decline to move forward with the quoted repair and would instead be responsible for paying an evaluation fee. This evaluation fee is waived if the repair is covered under warranty or if the repair is made at the quoted price.

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