PIB 37-250 Application: Turbidity recognition at COD tests


Dokument-ID PIB129


Veröffentlichungsdatum 01.10.2018
PIB 37-250 Application: Turbidity recognition at COD tests
Hach Lab; EU Only; 7/24/2018
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Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal


-In the procedure of the COD cuvettes it is an important step that the cuvettes after sample digestion are shaken again until they are hot. Due to this required mixing all particles in the cuvettes are dispersed and result in turbidity in the digested sample.
-To prevent this turbidity from affecting the final COD result, the cuvettes must be allowed to settle down for 30 minutes before the cuvette is read.
-To further assist customers in preventing errors in the COD measurement due to turbidity, we have integrated in the new application method COD (T) an additional measurement at 860 nm in the procedures for LCK314 and LCK1414 using DR3900 and DR6000. This reading at 860 nm detects any turbidity in the cuvette that would affect also the result of the COD measurement.


  • Turbidity recognition for COD vial test LCK314 and LCK1414
  • Application available at www.hach.com for DR3900 and DR6000
  • You can find the application note Turbidity recognition in COD tests searching for Methods/Procedures linked to DR3900 / DR6000 / LCK314 or LCK1414


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