Phosphax sc LR Resource Library


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Phosphax sc LR Resource Library
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This article contains resources around the Hach Phosphax sc LR (low range) Online Phosphate Analyzer

Product Overview
The Phosphax sc LR is the new phosphate analyzer from Hach, capable of measuring ortho-phosphate in concentrations as low as 0.015-2 mg/L PO4-P with high accuracy and stability. Phosphax sc LR ensures compliance with the upcoming phosphate discharge regulations and lower plant operating costs. Click here for the Product Details & Description.

Complete offering from Hach
Online measurements with the Phosphax sc LR and the lab measurements using Hach DR series photometer and LCK349/TNT843 chemistry using the LCS349 procedure produce closely matching results instilling customer confidence in measurement values. Click here to see the Process Lab Solution.

Product Photos
Click here to see more photos of the Phosphax sc LR

Product Video
Interested in learning more about the Phosphax sc LR Online Analyzer? Click here to watch the video.

Data sheet
Click here for the Phosphax sc LR datasheet

Click here for the Phosphax sc LR User Manual

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