How do I setup a FL1500 and AS950 system to do flow-paced sampling?


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How do I setup a FL1500 and AS950 system to do flow-paced sampling?
Programming for the FL1500 and AS950 to do flow paced sampling.
  1. Connect the FL1500 to the AS950.  You will need Product # 8528500 for 9 ft of cable or Product # 8528501 for 25 ft of cable.  Connect the bare leads to the FL1500 Auxiliary terminal following the wiring label next to the terminal and the seven-pin connection to the AS950 Auxiliary port. 
  2. Once the FL1500 sensors are programmed and calibrated, go to the Hardware Setup menu on the FL1500 and choose Sampler.  Next choose the source for the flow pacing and choose how much flow needs to go past the sensor before a sampling event occurs.  Note: the FL1500 can only do a max of one sample pulse per minute.  So, the maximum flow per minute is the lowest that the sampler pacing can be set for.
  3. On the AS950 Main Menu, select Hardware Setup then AUX and I/O Port.  Make sure the type is set to AUX, then set Mode to equal sample event and Flow Reading to be AUX-Pulse.
  4. On the AS950 Main Menu, select Programming and then select the Sample Programming menu, set up the programming per the application then go into Pacing and select Flow Weighted.  Then select the Flow Source as AUX-Pulse.  Select the target count – how many pulses before a sample is taken.  For example, if the FL1500 is programmed to give a pulse every 100 gallons but the AS950 should only sample every 200 gallons, then the target should be set at 2.  Set override and Take First per your application.
  5. On the AS950 Sample Programming menu, go to Program Start and program for application.  If wanting the program to start when a pulse from the FL1500 occurs, select On Trigger and then select External AUX.  Select the delay and control according to the application.

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