Application Note: Water Intelligence System Reduces Phosphorus Levels and Improves Denitrification


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 12.05.2022
Application Note: Water Intelligence System Reduces Phosphorus Levels and Improves Denitrification
A wastewater treatment plant in Hassen, Germany needed to improve its denitrification processes. At the same time, there was an opportunity to qualify for a fee reduction/ waiver from the government if phosphorus levels could be dropped by at least 20%.
A Hach® Real Time Control (RTC) system was installed, including a Phosphax sc unit, a Solitax sc unit, two LDO Model 2 oxygen sensors and two AN-ISE probes (for NH4 and NO3) as well as a Claros-Enabled RTC interface and Prognosys predictive diagnostics for instrument maintenance.

Immediate and major improvements were made in a variety of metrics, notably phosphorus outlet (-45% year-to-year), Ntot outlet (-64% year-to-year), and energy consumption (-66% year-to-year).The plant also qualified for the fee reduction/ waiver for lowering phosphorus.
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English UK Water Intelligence System Reduces Phosphorus Levels and Improves Denitrification_DOC043.52.30419
German Reduzierter Phosphor-Gehalt und verbesserte Denitrifikation dank Water Intelligence System_DOC043.72.30419
Italian La soluzione Water Intelligence System riduce i livelli di fosforo e migliora la denitrificazione_DOC043.57.30419
French Le Water Intelligence System réduit les niveaux de phosphore et améliore la dénitrification_DOC043.77.30419
Spanish Water Intelligence System de Claros reduce los niveles de fósforo y mejora la desnitrificación_DOC043.61.30419
Dutch Water Intelligence System vermindert fosfaatgehalte en verbetert denitrificatie_DOC043.56.30419
Danish Intelligente løsninger reducerer fosforniveauer og forbedrer denitrifikation_DOC043.58.30419
Swedish Water Intelligence System, minskar fosfornivåer och förbättrar denitrifiering_DOC043.59.30419
Polish Water Intelligence System: Zwiększenie efektywności usuwania fosforu i denitryfikacji_DOC043.60.30419

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