Login with MSM


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Login with MSM
Before getting started with MSM, learn how the Claros landing page looks and high level overview of the Toolbar navigation.

Before getting started with MSM:

  • A Hach representative will send the administrator an email with a link to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • Click the link, then follow the instructions to set up your user account. 
    • NOTE: Do not bookmark the link from the “Activate your account”-email. This link is ONLY to activate your account and will expire in 24 hours.
    • YOU MUST activate your account within 24 hours. If the link expires, you will have to contact Hach Technical Support to resend the invite.
  • Usernames have restrictions due to privacy and security rules.
    • For example, it can be easy to guess a username if your name is used (i.e., jsmith@yourtown.com).
    • Do not use your first name, last name, or email address as your username.
    • Usernames must be 6 characters or more.
      • Here are some suggestions:
        •  Name with vowels removed - scttdrnr
        • Initials with a favorite number – spd3637
  • After setting up the first username/account use the following links to log into Claros:
    • North America: https://us.fsn.hach.com
    • Europe: https://eu.fsn.hach.com

After logging in, select your application type from the Claros landing page. For the MSM application type, select “Device Management”.

Toolbar and Navigation:  The image that follows shows the basic overview and navigation of the MSM application


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