How to correctly access and leave a sensor menu


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How to correctly access and leave a sensor menu
Accessing and leaving a device menu in MSM. Tips to consider to avoid locking a menu from any device.

Once your devices are connected and showing on your Device list:

1. CLICK on the grey bar of any device you want to work with

2. You will be promp to the device detail page, e.g., menu, configuration, calibration or maintenance, Historical data

3. When you click on any menu the device will be locked for other users because of security reasons. It will inform you that the menu will be locked for other users while you are in the menu. If necessary, refer to the sensor manual and the MSM addendum for more detailed information about the configuration of your device.

4. Click on CONTINUE 
5. Make sure to use the blue arrow or    when leaving the menu. This way you will return to the device details page and the device menu is no longer locked for other users.

     NOTE:  If you leave in a different way, the menu will remain locked for other users!
                 DO NOT use the back button of your browser. it will take you out from your Claros interface

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