How to add a photometer to MSM -Verification of Grab samples


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How to add a photometer to MSM -Verification of Grab samples
You can add HACH laboratory devices (DR3900 and DR6000 spectrophotometers) to the MSM system to quickly verify and adjust process instrument measurements using laboratory reference values.

Adding a Photometer (Spectrophotometer)

. Verify that the photometer is prepared for Claros integration. On the photometer you should see the “Process Jobs” button in the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen. If not, please contact Hach Technical Support.
2. Set the photometer to ON.
3. Connect the photometer to the HACH Server. Refer to the photometer user manual.
4. In the Claros web application push Device management to start MSM.
5. Push ADD DEVICE in the device list to add the photometer.
6. Enter the serial number of the photometer. Push Continue to confirm.
7. Wait approximately 30 seconds, then refresh the browser. The photometer will be Online on the device list.
8. Verify that the correct serial number and image of the photometer are shown. 

Verification/grab sample

A notification is shown when a verification/grab sample is due.
Click on that notification and you will be guided through the verification process. The job (Measurement values) that will be sent from your measurement device to the DR photometer only shows when:

• The photometer is powered on.
• The photometer is connected to Claros before starting the workflow. 

Note: As well, the workflow can be started when the photometer is switched off. The job will show when the photometer is powered on. As a pre-requisite, the connection to the Cloud must have been established before.

Refer to “List of notifications” for more information about notifications.

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