Meat and Poultry Application Notes & Case Studies


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Meat and Poultry Application Notes & Case Studies
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Listed below are a selection of Application Notes and Case Studies on Meat and Poultry applications

Dissolved Oxygen
Phosphate / Phosphorus
Real Time Control (RTC)
Suspended Solids
Total Organic Carbon

Application report: Aeration control with AMTAX SC
Application report:  Succesful aeration control based on NH
Monitoring Chlorine in Turbid Cooling Tower Water with the Hach AT1000 Titrator and CL17 Analyzer
Analysis of Free Chlorine in Poultry Chiller Water (Red Water) using DPD Free Chlorine Reagent
Dissolved Oxygen
Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Power and Boiler Applications
Phosphate / Phosphorus
Application report: Optimised Dosing of Precipitation Agent with PHOSPHAX sc
Worry Free Chemical Phosphorous Removal
North Las Vegas Puts Advanced Wastewater Phosphorous Treatment to Work
Real Time Control (RTC)
Global Adoption of TOC Analyzers Proves Valuable for Leading Chemical Company
RTC = savings and stable process management
Improving Compliance Through Real-Time Phosphorus Control
WWTP Pilots Ammonia-Based Aeration Control with Hach RTC-N to Optimize Nitrification
RTC-N: Modelling Ammonia-Based Aeration Control in Real Time for Deeper Process Control
RTC-P Brings Phosphorus Compliance Solution to JBS Beef Processing
RTC-ST Adjusts Coagulant Dosage, Lowers Operating Costs While Controlling TSS and pH Levels
Improving Sludge Dewatering Process Control with RTC-SD
Real Time Online Liquid Analysis to prevent product loss, to reduce energy consumption and to minimize waste treatment costs in the chemical, refining, and food industries
Grand Rapids Saves 15% with the RTC-N Nitrification System
Suspended Solids
OPTIMIZING SLUDGE DEWATERING, Bran Sands Wastewater Treatment Works, UK
More Even Total Solids Mass Flows For The Digester
Hach Online Suspended Solids Measurement Optimizes DAFT Polymer Dosing; King County Treatment Plant Polymer Dosing-Solitax-Solids
Total Organic Carbon
Using the Biotector TOC Analyzer for Condensate Return Applications
Effluent Organic Load Control Using Continuous TOC Monitoring
Reduced Product Loss and Treatment Costs with On-Line TOC Monitoring
Increased Plant Yields and Regulatory Compliance with On-Line TOC Monitoring
Reliable Operation of BioTector in High TIC Applications
Monitoring and Control of Material Losses Using the Biotector B7000 TOC Online Analyzer
On-line TOC Analysis For Difficult Applications
Monitor TOC and VOC to Avoid Downtime and Equipment Damage, and Maximize Operating Efficiency
BioTector and RTC in Food Applications: Danone Group Optimises TOC Management and Reduces Reagent Costs
The Importance of Measuring Total Organic Carbon
TOC – an insightful sum parameter
Practice report: HACH  BioTector B7000 Tightens Effluent Control At GREENCORE

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