Meat and Poultry Application Notes & Case Studies


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Meat and Poultry Application Notes & Case Studies
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Listed below are a selection of Application Notes and Case Studies on Meat and Poultry applications
Application report: Aeration control with AMTAX SC_DOC043.52.00118
Application report: Succesful aeration control based on NH4 measurement_DOC043.52.00100
Monitoring Chlorine in Turbid Cooling Tower Water with the Hach AT1000 Titrator and CL17 Analyzer_DOC040.53.10112
Analysis of Free Chlorine in Poultry Chiller Water (Red Water) Using DPD Free Chlorine Reagent_LIT2068
Dissolved Oxygen
Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Power and Boiler Applications_DOC043.52.30333
Phosphate / Phosphorus
Application report: Optimised Dosing of Precipitation Agent with PHOSPHAX sc_DOC043.52.00127
Worry Free Chemical Phosphorous Removal_LIT2154
North Las Vegas Puts Advanced Wastewater Phosphorous Treatment to Work_DOC043.53.30733
Real Time Control (RTC)
Real time control for increased process stability and aeration energy optimisation_DOC043.52.30209
RTC = savings and stable process management_DOC043.52.30218
Improving Compliance Through Real-Time Phosphorus Control_DOC183.52.30340
WWTP Pilots Ammonia-Based Aeration Control with Hach RTC-N to Optimize Nitrification_DOC043.53.30384
RTC-N: Modelling Ammonia-Based Aeration Control in Real Time for Deeper Process Control_DOC043.53.30404
RTC-P Brings Phosphorus Compliance Solution to JBS Beef Processing_DOC043.53.30398
RTC-ST Adjusts Coagulant Dosage, Lowers Operating Costs While Controlling TSS and pH Levels_DOC043.53.30328
Improving Sludge Dewatering Process Control with RTC-SD_DOC043.53.30326
Real Time Online Liquid Analysis to prevent product loss, to reduce energy consumption and to minimize waste treatment costs in the chemical, refining, and food industries_LIT2138
Suspended Solids
OPTIMIZING SLUDGE DEWATERING, Bran Sands Wastewater Treatment Works, UK_DOC043.52.30229
More Even Total Solids Mass Flows For The Digester_DOC043.52.30212
Hach Online Suspended Solids Measurement Optimizes DAFT Polymer Dosing; King County Treatment Plant Polymer Dosing-Solitax-Solids_LIT2145
Total Organic Carbon
Using the Biotector TOC Analyzer for Condensate Return Applications_DOC043.53.30239
Effluent Organic Load Control Using Continuous TOC Monitoring_DOC043.53.30330
Reduced Product Loss and Treatment Costs with On-Line TOC Monitoring_DOC043.53.30323
Increased Plant Yields and Regulatory Compliance with On-Line TOC Monitoring_DOC043.53.30324
Reliable Operation of BioTector in High TIC Applications_DOC043.53.30364
Monitoring and Control of Material Losses Using the Biotector B7000 TOC Online Analyzer_DOC043.53.30366
On-line TOC Analysis For Difficult Applications_DOC043.52.30214
Monitor TOC and VOC to Avoid Downtime and Equipment Damage, and Maximize Operating Efficiency_DOC043.52.30372
BioTector and RTC in Food Applications: Danone Group Optimizes TOC Management and Reduces Reagent Costs_DOC043.52.30413
The Importance of Measuring Total Organic Carbon_DOC040.53.10062
TOC – an insightful sum parameter_DOC042.52.20033

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