Are there Application Notes for EZ Series Analyzers?


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Are there Application Notes for EZ Series Analyzers?
List of available Application Notes for EZ Series Analyzers – sorted by parameter
On this page you can find links to all Application Notes that are currently available.
  • Alkalinity in Drinking Water
    How continuous monitoring of Alkalinity helps a Swedish drinking water supplier to reduce the risk of scaling / corrosion and improve control of chemical dosing.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)   Dansk   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Nederlands   Polski   Svenska   DOC_30651, 4 pages
  • Alkalinity and Hardness in Cooling Cycles
    Alkalinity or hardness? Why not measure both? Is that possible?
    English   čeština   Dansk   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Magyar   Nederlands   Polski   Svenska   Türk   DOC_10162, 2 pages
  • Aluminium in Drinking Water
    Why is it important to measure Aluminium in Drinking Water? How can this be done reliably and continuously? How does an Italian water supplier benefit from monitoring?
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   DOC_30479, 4 pages
  • NEW! Fluoride in Finished Drinking Water
    How reliable online monitoring of Fluoride addition in finished drinking water eliminates frustrations from manual grab sample testing and preventative maintenance improves instrument uptime
    English (US letter format)   DOC_30654, 2 pages
  • Iron and Manganese in Drinking Water
    How continuous monitoring of Iron and Manganese helps Danish researchers optimise filter performance and water treatment.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Nederlands   Polski   Türk   DOC_30478, 4 pages
  • Microbial load / ATP
    Fireflies shed light on safe water treatment processes: Monitoring of microbial load in industrial and environmental water analysis.
    English (US letter format)   English(EU/DIN format)   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   DOC_30477, 4 pages
  • Microbial load / ATP in Cooling Cycles
    Determining microorganisms online in real-time – is that possible?
    English    čeština   Dansk   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Magyar   Nederlands   Polski   Svenska   Türk   DOC_10160, 2 pages
  • Operating Open Cooling Systems in a Hygienic Manner
    The VDI 2047 Part 2 Guideline "Open recooler systems - Securing hygienically sound operation of evaporative cooling systems" forms the basis of national guidelines throughout Europe, e.g. the German 42nd Federal Immission Prevention Directive (42. BImSchV). It contains details on continuous water treatment, disinfection, and regular checks on microbiological, chemical and electrochemical parameters.
    This comprehensive document provides background information and provides an overview of analytical solutions for the parameters that need to be monitored by operators.
    English   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Polski   DOC_10142, 2 pages
  • Monitoring Influent Toxicity to Mitigate Risk and Optimise Treatment 
    Influent toxicity represents a major risk to the treatment efficiency and therefore capacity of biological wastewater treatment plants. The Hach® EZ7900 Toxicity Analyser, with self-cleaning sample preconditioning panel, provides the ability to continuously monitor toxicity levels at the inlet, so that dynamic changes in biomass viability are immediately detected; providing sufficient time for effective mitigation measures.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Nederlands   Polski   DOC_30656, 4 pages
  • Toxicity Monitoring at the Inlet of Wastewater Treatment Plants 
    Whitepaper about Toxicity Monitoring with EZ7900 Toxicity Analyser; Presented at CITREI 2020 Wastewater Congress, Lima, Peru
    English   DOC_30671, 6 pages
  • Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) and Alkalinity for Optimal Operation – Anaerobic Digestion and Gas Production
    pH is not enough. A sustainable safe fermentation process depends on the buffer capacity to counterbalance changing concentrations in organic acids. The VFA:Alkalinity ratio provides the most reliable insights to fermenter conditions.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)  Dansk   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano  Nederlands   Polski   Svenska   Türk DOC_10171, 2 pages
  • Anaerobic Digester Monitoring Helps Avoid Process Upsets and Maximise Biogas Production
    Medina County Sanitary Engineers supports the public utilities serving the city of Medina, Brunswick (USA), and several other townships. The county maintains three water reclamation facilities. At one of these, the county funded upgrades to increase renewable energy capture from their anaerobic digester system. Medina County installed the EZ7250 Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) analyser to monitor their process better, help prevent process upsets and maximise biogas production.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)   Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Nederlands   DOC_30614, 6 pages
  • Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) in Anaerobic Digesters
    The Swedish Municipal Joint Stock Company VIVAB tested the analyser to assess the functionality and maintenance of the analyser and the reliability of its measurements related to VFA, alkalinity, and pH. Further aims of the testing were to improve the understanding of anaerobic digestion and the active return sludge process (ARP), and to identify the optimisation potential of these processes. The analyser was subjected to stress tests at different sites. Three different laboratory methods were used to determine the VFA values and the alkalinity of the samples, after which the values obtained, were compared with the online measurements of the analyser.
    This is a summary of the original 28+ page report. The tested AnaSense is the same as the Hach EZ7200 VFA Analyser.
    English (US letter format)   English (EU/DIN format)  Deutsch   Français   Italiano   Nederlands   DOC_30567, 4 pages

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