How is the gel powder for differential pH sensors used?


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How is the gel powder for differential pH sensors used?
Directions for gelling standard cell solution and removing gelled standard cell solution
The gel powder is usually used in very high temperature applications to prevent rapid evaporation of the cell solution.  If the gel solution is being ultitzed the following procedure should be used.
Gelling Standard Cell
To gel the standard cell chamber:
·Empty liquid from standard cell chamber.
·Place one level measure (bottle cap) of gel powder (Product # 25M8A1002) into chamber.
·Fill chamber with liquid Standard Cell Solution (Product # 25M1A1001) until level covers electrode bulb.
·Then place enough powder (1/2 cap full) in the chamber to form non-pourable gel.
·Repeat step 4 until enough gel is inside chamber to contact salt bridge.  Replacement of salt bridge on probe should leave an impression of salt bridge in the gel.
·Add Standard Cell Solution  as a last step to insure the salt bridge is in contact with the gelled filling.
Screw the salt bridge back into the chamber.
Standard Cell Gel Removal
If the standard chamber gel (known as the standard cell solution) becomes contaminated, the probe may not function properly, yielding erroneous readings.  To remedy this, use the following procedure:
·To remove the salt bridge, hold the probe in an upright position and turn the bridge counterclockwise.  It may be necessary to use pliers to initially loosen it. 
Take care not to damage the adjacent glass electrode.
·When the bridge is removed, the standard electrode and gel filled chamber are exposed. Use a jet of hot water to rinse all the gel from the chamber.  (A Water - Pik used with hot water and set to the high-pressure range will help facilitate this task.)

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