PIB 37-343 4600-XX sampler tubes - temporary product supply change


Dokument-ID PIB223


Veröffentlichungsdatum 22.07.2019
PIB 37-343 4600-XX sampler tubes - temporary product supply change
Global; Hach Lab & Sigma Samplers; 03/04/2019
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Product Change/Update/Other
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal


There is a temporary supply change for 4600-xx, replacement tubes for AS950 sampler, that requires a sampler calibration.


Hach is providing this notification in order to inform you of a supply shortage for the following replacement items:

  • 4600-15 Pump Tubing, Silicone, 3/8” ID, 15 Ft. Roll
  • 4600-50 Pump Tubing, Silicone, 3/8” ID, 50 Ft. Roll 


 Hach is monitoring this supply shortage closely. In the interim, to mitigate any down time for our customers, we are providing these items from an alternative vendor. The new tubing has been qualified and meets all performance and accuracy specifications. However, certain applications may experience a reduced use-life than observed with the standard tubing. For this reason, we are providing this tubing with a 10% discount.
In all applications, Hach recommends the following:

  • As a preventative measure, replace this tubing every 3,000 operation cycles.

  • For each tubing replacement, the sampler must be re-calibrated for accuracy.