PIB 37-347 New Sample Cell Set LZM381 for LICO color applications


Dokument-ID PIB227


Veröffentlichungsdatum 20.12.2021
PIB 37-347 New Sample Cell Set LZM381 for LICO color applications
Europe; Hach Lab; 03/08/2019
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Product Launch
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We are excited to announce the launch of the world´s first easily sealable disposable rectangular sample cell for easy and safe color measurements. The combination of the well-proven screw-caps already used for many years for many Hach tests with the well-known disposable rectangular sample cell (e.g. LZM130) results in a new era of safe and secure liquid color measurements.



The new sealable sample cell provides triple security for the user:

  • Secure and reliable measurement results due to long beam path lengths,

  • Safe sample cell handling with of no spillage risk due to a closed sample cell,

  • Occupational safety with protection against off-gassing or premature evaporation of the sample liquid.

The new sealable sample cuvette combines the handling advantage of a sealed sample vial with the precision of a 50mm optical glass cell.
The new sealable sample cell can be used for all LICO color application as a direct replacement of the existing 50mm plastic cuvette because the plastic material and the dimensions are the same.
The samples in the sealed cuvette can be directly used as retained samples or stored for long-term aging tests.
The shipping box contains a tray with 20 cuvettes and a separate bottle filled with 20 screw caps.
The cuvette tray in the box is designed for multi purposes. The new unused cuvettes are fitted up-side-down in the tray to avoid any contamination by dust or particles. For filled or used cuvettes the tray can be used as a cuvette stand.   




Technical Specifications*:
Type:                                  Rectangular semi-micro cuvette for absorption measurements with screw cap, disposable, single use
Wavelength range:            VIS range, 340nm – 1100nm
Material cuvette:               PMMA
Material screw cap:           PP / PVDF
Optical path length:           50mm
Sample fill volume:            min. 5ml up to 15ml
Sample temperature
range for measurement:   5 – 80°C
Dimension cuvette:           60 x 20 x 60 mm³
Dimension box:                  260 x 210 x 65 mm³
Quantity of cuvettes         
in a box:                             20pcs.


*) Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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