PIB 37 - 382 New Power Supply LZV844 for TU5200


Dokument-ID PIB263


Veröffentlichungsdatum 22.07.2019
PIB 37 - 382 New Power Supply LZV844 for TU5200
Global; Hach Lab; 06/27/2019
PIB Version
Product Change/Update/Other
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal


A new table power supply LZV844 will be implemented soon for the TU5200 instrument series. This power supply is the same as used for DR3900 series. The table power supply LZV844 has the same voltage and secondary plug but higher output current. LZV844 will also replace the old LZV798 used for DR 2800 instrument series if stock is depleted. 


  • LZV844 will be used for TU5200 and replace the existing LZV798.

  • LZV798 will become obsolete if stock is depleted.

  • An US/EU/UK/CN or CH primary country power cord will be added to TU52 shipments depending on delivery addresses as it is implemented for DR3900. 

  • LZV844 will be the replacement service part for LZV798 used with DR 2800 series.   



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