PIB 37-461 CL17 Last Order Date: December 27, 2019


Dokument-ID PIB342


Veröffentlichungsdatum 09.12.2019
PIB 37-461 CL17 Last Order Date: December 27, 2019
Global; Hach Process; 12/9/2019
PIB Version
Product Obsolescence
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal


Hach launched the new CL17sc in October 2019. After December 27, 2019, the legacy CL17 will no longer be available for order. CL17 customers can rest assured that their investment is well protected, as Hach is committed to supporting the legacy analyzer.


  • Hach launched the new CL17sc—which brings upgraded usability and performance to the accurate and reliable core of the CL17—in October 2019.

  • The last day to place an order for the legacy CL17 is December 27, 2019.

  • To protect the investment that CL17 customers have made, Hach is committed to supporting the legacy CL17 with parts and service for a minimum of six years. After six years, Hach will continue to support the CL17 on a best-effort basis for four additional years as long as parts remain available.

  • All future support is subject to any restrictions imposed by applicable laws and regulations and to Hach’s ability to procure and/or manufacture spare parts.

Legacy CL17 New CL17sc


  • www.hach.com/CL17sc



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