Program Example: AS950: Liquid Level Indicator


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 06.01.2022
Program Example: AS950: Liquid Level Indicator
The below instructions have been put together to assist Operators wanting to trigger a sample when using an AS950 and specifically relates to the following trigger events:
  • Liquid Level indicator, ie program is initiated using a float switch or water level instrument.

Special Note
Please input the following exactly as they appear below. I would like to prove this program works on your individual AS950 unit. Once the concept program has been proven on your unit, the program may be modified to suit your individual sampling requirements.

Programming Instructions
Enter the below on your AS950 unit:

Step 1: General Settings
  • Select Menu
  • Select General Settings
  • Select Unit Preferences
  • Select Unit System
  • Select Metric

Step 2: Hardware Set Up
  • Select Menu
  • Select Hardware Set Up
  • Select AUX and I/O Port
    • Select Mode > Select Sample Event
    • Select Flow Reading > Select AUX Pulse
    • Select Pulse Timeout > Select 6 secs

Step 3: Sampling Program
  • Select Menu
  • Select Programming
  • Select Sample Programming

Note: the template (top of screen) should be Custom Single

In the Sample Programming Menu:
  • Total Bottles
    • Enter Number of bottles: 1
  • Bottle Volume
    • Enter bottle volume: 5.0gal
  • Tubing
    • Length: 6ft
    • Diameter: 9.5mm (3/8”)
  • Pacing 1 Counts
    • Time Weighted
    • Time Weighted 5 minutes
    • Take First: Immediately
  • Sample Volume
    • Sample Volume: Fixed
    • Volume: 200ml
  • Distribution
    • This area should be greyed out
  • Program Start
    • On trigger
  • Program End
    • Type: After Samples
    • Samples: 10

Step 4: Run/Halt Program
  • Select: Run/Halt (located on Keypad)
  • Select: Start Program

About this Program
Using the above instructions:
  • The AS950 will not take an immediate sample upon program start up.
  • Program is triggered by a liquid level event.
  • Liquid level must remain active for samples to be taken.

To verify the program:
  • Cross the Black & Blue wires to simulate a liquid level event (contact = approx 60 seconds, ie level is present).
  • Program will begin. A 5 minute countdown will initiate.
  • The Black & Blue wires must remain crossed for sample to be taken (ie liquid level is present).
  • Samples will continue to be taken at 5 minute intervals whilst liquid level remains present.
  • If Black & Blue wires do not remain crossed, sample will not be taken (ie liquid level is no longer present).
  • Unit will show “missed samples” when level is not present.

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