How is Hach WIMS installed on a server?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 19.03.2020
How is Hach WIMS installed on a server?
WIMS Server Step by Step installation
In order to install the server and client components of Hach WIMS, the following is required: Once the DVD has been downloaded on to the server where Hach WIMS will be installed, Mount the ISO and right click on the PlatformInstaller.exe file.
Click Run As Admin.
Check the box and press Next

Copy the serial number and hit the paste button so that the whole number is filled in at once.  Browse to the location of the license file and then click next.

Press OK and then Next, do not change anything, this page just says where the msi’s are located not where WIMS will be installed.

Check both Client and Server Components then click Next
*Please note if SQL is already installed or if another version of SQL will be installed, expand Server Components and uncheck SQL Server 2012 Express SP2.
*If using another version of SQL Express make sure Hach WIMS DBA Helper Service under SQL Server 2012 Express SP2 is checked.

Choose where to install Hach WIMS, it is recommended to stay with the default location, but it can be changed.  Make sure the location ends with \HachWIMS so that a HachWIMS folder is created and everything that is installed is put into it.
The SQL Server location should be changed if the database is on a different server otherwise it can be left as local.  Then click Next.