How is a Hach WIMS backup restored using SQL Management Studio?


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How is a Hach WIMS backup restored using SQL Management Studio?
Step by Step guide to restoring Hach WIMS backups using SQL Management Studio.
In order to restore a Hach WIMS backup through SQL Management Studio, the backup needs to have the extension '.bak'. 
If the backup has extension '.opssql_backup', copy the file to a different folder location, and change the backup extension from '.opssql_backup' to .'zip'.  Then extract the .zip file. The databases and OPSROOT should appear with the .bak extension in the unzipped folder. 

Log into SQL Management studio using a user with full permissions (usually the System Administrator user is best).  Right click on the Databases tab underneath the HachWIMS Server and click restore database:

Under Source, select device and click the three dots on the right:

Click Add and then navigate to the backup that is being restored and select it.  Then press OK. 
Only one backup can be restored at one time. This includes OPSROOT and facilities.

Click OK.

Open up the Database tab from the WIMS database and right click on the database just restored.  Select Properties, then select Files and change Owner to OPSDBA.  Press OK. 

To verify the facility is found within WIMS, open the OPSROOT database, right click on dbo.FACILITY Table and click Edit Top 200 Rows

Add the New Database to the end of this table if it does not exist. 
  • The Filename is the OPS name of the database (how it appears under Database in SQL Management Studio). An example below is OPSDWTUTOR. 
  • The Directory is the SQL Datasource and should be the same as the other facilities. 
  • The Name is the name users will see for the database in the facility drop down list in WIMS. 
  • Set two more vales as: 
  • Default = 1
  • Active = -1 (The column is second from the end of the table)

The Facility database should now be found within WIMS. 

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