How should I clean my FILTRAX filter modules?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 04.04.2022
How should I clean my FILTRAX filter modules?
  1. Open the [+SERVICE] menu for all connected process measuring devices and for the FILTRAX, then select the [+FILTER CLEANING] menu.
  2. Lift the filter module out of the tank or channel and confirm with [OK].
  3. Disconnect the connected air and sample hoses from the filter module, carefully pull out the filter modules and confirm with [OK]. WARNING! Avoid touching the sensitive filter plates and never let it dry out. If necessary, store the filter modules in the foil bags provided.
  4. Carefully clean the filter plates with 5 % Chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) or 5 % Hydrochloric acid (for high Iron concentrations) and a soft sponge. Do not contaminate the air and sample suction lines when doing this. WARNING Observe the safety precautions when handling the cleaning solution and wear appropriate protective clothing. The Chlorine bleach must not come into contact with reagents containing acid as this will generate chlorine gas.
  5. After soaking for 10 minutes, push the filter modules directly back into the module rack without first rinsing them with water. This will clean the sample tubes with the solution remaining in the filter. Confirm cleaning with [OK].
  6. Immerse the module rack again and confirm with [OK].
  7. Activate sample line cleaning using the [Prime] function (600 seconds - counter runs backwards, the date of the [Cleaning] operating counter is automatically updated at this point). After the priming program has been completed, put all connected devices back into operation.

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