Which standard can be used to test the LCK365 organic acid cell test?


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Which standard can be used to test the LCK365 organic acid cell test?
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Not all standard solutions can be covered by our ADDISTA system. This is partly because the solutions are very volatile or have very low shelf lives and must be mixed on the day of testing. The following mixing instructions show one method for preparing the standard solution.

Stock solution: 10 g/L acetic acid
For the 10 g/L stock solution, weigh 10.42 g acetic acid (96 %) into a glass beaker. This quantity is dissolved in distilled water, quantitatively transferred into a 1000-ml flask with approximately 750 ml distilled water as a receiver and filled up to the calibration mark.
As the acetic acid is oily and has a high vapour pressure, it is advisable to weigh the desired amount.
If using a pipette, 9.8 ml is required (the 96 % acetic acid has a density of 1.06 g/mL).

Then dilute the required standard concentration from this solution.
The stock solution does not keep and must therefore be freshly prepared on the day of measurement.

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