PIB 37-490: PAH500 Software Update


Dokument-ID PIB371


Veröffentlichungsdatum 26.03.2020
PIB 37-490: PAH500 Software Update
Global; Hach Process; 3/20/2020
PIB Version
Product Change/Update/Other
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal


A new version of firmware (v1.01) is available for the PAH500 sensor.
  • One-point calibration introduced, allowing users to adjust offset only using only DI or purified water, which is helpful if calibration standards are not available.
  • Improved two-point calibration; linked to scale factor and automatically disabled during calibration.
  • Introduced a scale factor, allowing for quick adjustment for specific applications.  It is automatically applied to the reading except during calibration.
  • The new software was implemented in production in March 2020, starting with serial number 200780000952.

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