Open Cooling Systems: Operating Open Cooling Systems in a Hygienic Manner


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 16.05.2022
Open Cooling Systems: Operating Open Cooling Systems in a Hygienic Manner
Thousands of open recooler systems can be found nationwide – from small roof-top cooling systems to large cooling towers. The waste air produced by operating these systems forms aerosols potentially containing hazardous bacteria (e.g. legionella), which can cause serious illness if inhaled. Illness and death caused by legionella in the waste air from evaporative cooling systems is a reoccurring issue. Typical sources are industrial plants or systems on top of hospitals, hotels or office buildings. To mitigate the risk of spreading disease, detailed countermeasures have been specified in the VDI 2047 Part 2 standard “Open recooler systems – Securing hygienically sound operation of evaporative cooling systems“. Many countries have also introduced national guidelines, such as the German 42nd Federal Emission Control Regulation (BImSchV), which came into force in August 2017 and on which other European countries have since based their own laws.

English UK Open Cooling Systems: Operating Open Cooling Systems in a Hygienic Manner_DOC060.52.10142
Dutch Open koelsystemen: Hygiënisch gebruik van open koelsystemen_DOC060.56.10142
Italian Sistemi di raffreddamento aperti: Funzionamento igienico dei sistemi di raffreddamento aperti_DOC060.57.10142
Polish Systemy chłodzenia z obiegiem otwartym: OObsługa systemów chłodzenia z obiegiem otwartym w higienicznym środowisku_DOC060.60.10142
Spanish Sistemas de refrigeración abierta - Cómo usar los sistemas de refrigeración abierta de una forma higiénica_DOC060.61.10142
German Verdunstungskühlanlagen: Hygienegerechter Betrieb offener Kühlanlagen_DOC060.72.10142
French Systèmes de refroidissement ouverts: Prophylaxie des systèmes de refroidissement ouverts_DOC060.77.10142

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