Lachat Method: Ammonia 10-107-06-5-J


Dokument-ID ME143


Veröffentlichungsdatum 18.01.2022
Lachat Method: Ammonia 10-107-06-5-J
Method # Range MDL Units Matrix Rev. Date
10-107-06-5-J 0.01-1.0
mg/L NH3-N Waters 16-Jan-15
The sample containing ammonium is injected into a continuously flowing carrier stream by means of an injection valve, and mixed with a continuously flowing stream of an alkaline solution. The ammonia is separated from the matrix in a diffusion cell across a hydrophobic semi-permeable membrane and absorbed by a flowing acceptor stream.

When ammonia in the acceptor is heated with salicylate and hypochlorite in an alkaline phosphate buffer an emerald green color is produced which is proportional to the ammonia concentration. The color is intensified by the addition of sodium nitroprusside.

DCIC is used as the hypochlorite source in this method. Heat is used to aid ammonia from the donor in passing into the acceptor, in particular for the low ranges.

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