Lachat Method: Cyanide 10-204-00-1-J


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 12.05.2020
Lachat Method: Cyanide 10-204-00-1-J
Method # Range MDL Units Matrix Rev. Date
10-204-00-1-J 25-1000 1.4 μg/L CN- Waters 31-Oct-14
Samples are distilled, off-line, according to the method (JIS K0102). Weak acid dissociable, or total cyanide may be measured depending on the distillation chosen. Weak acid Cyanide is distilled using acetic acid at pH 5.0 (or 5.5 with zinc acetate as well). Total Cyanide is distilled using phosphoric acid and disodium EDTA dihydrate.

The cyanide ion in the distilled sample is converted to cyanogen chloride by reaction with Chloramine-T. The cyanogen chloride subsequently reacts with pyridine and pyrazolone to give a blue-color complex measured at 620nm.

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