AS950 Program Example: Time Based Program


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AS950 Program Example: Time Based Program
How do I program a time based program into my AS950 sampler?
The below instructions have been put together to assist Operators wanting to implement a time based sample using an AS950 and specifically relates to the following:
  • 80mL Sample
  • Sample taken every 15 minutes
  • 1 bottle per day
  • 7 day sample program.
Special Note:

Please input the following exactly as they appear below. I would like to prove this program works on your individual AS950 unit. Once the concept program has been proven on your unit, the program may be modified to suit your individual sampling requirements.

Programming Instructions
Enter the below on your AS950 unit:
  • Step 1: General Settings
    • Select Menu
    • Select General Settings
    • Select Unit Preferences
    • Select Unit System
    • Select Metric
  • Step 2: Hardware Set Up
    • Select Menu
    • Select Hardware Set Up
    • Select AUX and I/O Port
    • Select TYPE > Select IO9000X
  • Step 3: Sampling Program
    • Select Menu
    • Select Programming
    • Select Sample Programming
Note: the template (top of screen) should be Custom Single.

In the Sample Programming Menu:
  • Total Bottles
    • Enter number of bottles: 4
  • Bottle Volume
    • Enter Bottle volume: 10000 mL
  • Tubing
    • Length: 6ft
    • Diameter: 9.5mm (3/8")
  • Pacing
    • Pacing: Time weighted
    • Time Weighted: 15 minutes
    • Take first: Immediately
  • Sample Volume
    • Sample Volume: Fixed
    • Volume: 80 mL
  • Distribution
    • Distribution: Sample Based
    • Bottles per sample: 1
    • Samples per bottle: 96
  • Program Start
    • Program Start: On Schedule
    • Delay Type: None
    • Schedule Interval: 1
    • Edit Schedule: Select Start time, Select end time
  • Program End
    • Type: Time Duration
    • Duration: 168 hrs (7 days x 24 hrs)
  • Step 4: Run/Halt Program
    • Select: Run/Halt (located on keypad)
    • Select: Start Program
About this Program
Using the above instructions:
  • The AS950 will not take an immediate sample upon program start up.
  • - Program will begin once the scheduled start time has arrived.
Optional Commissioning
If the above instructions do not work, you may wish to consider having a Hach Technician commission this instrument for you. This is a chargeable service, however the Hach Technician will update your unit, and where required, provide additional onsite training for your operators.

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