What do the different icons on a SC200 controller mean?


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What do the different icons on a SC200 controller mean?
Warning, Error and service indicator/reminder/wrench icons on sc200 controller
An SC200 controller will have 3 main icons to let a user know when there is an issue or alert with one of the sensors installed.
Error Icon
Warning Icon
Service indicator/reminder
To remove the icon, one must perform the requested activity/reminder. 
Alternatively, if a user no longer wants to see the wrench icon, some events that trigger this icon may be disabled in the setup menu for the sensor. 
The example shown below can be disabled by turning the verification reminder off (menu > sensor setup > choose desired sensor > verification > setup > verif reminder > OFF).  This option will be specific to each type of sensor using this icon.
Note: not all SC sensors will use the wrench icon.
The above definitions are  taken from the User Manual: sc200 Controller_DOC023.53.80040  
A complete list of SC200 icons, can also be found in the above mentioned SC200 user manual.
For more detail on what is causing the warning/error/maintenance item, go to the sensor diagnostics menu (menu > diagnostics > choose sensor serial number/name).
Please note the below icons will be shown on both the main display of the SC200 and in the Diagnostics menu.  Using the same icons in both locations can help a user understand what impact that diagnostic item has on the sensor and how to clear it.  Details for the errors and warnings displayed can be found in the user manual for the sensor installed on the SC200.
The below example is for a TU5300 sensor displaying all 3 icons (warning, error and maintenance indicator/reminder). 
Flashing main display (only when an error is present):
Diagnostics menu:
See the following articles for information on sc200 icons
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