AS950 Program Setup for a Flow Based Program using an I/O 90004


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AS950 Program Setup for a Flow Based Program using an I/O 90004
setup a flow based program on AS950 using I/O 90004

When using the additional communication module I/O9000X (IO90001 & IO90004) along with a flow based program, the digital flow input to the sampler will no longer be available. Any flow signals must be brought into the sampler using an analog input option.


Make sure to step through each of the below menu sections on the AS950 and enter the correct parameters for the site.

Please note, data logging for the flow signal MUST be setup. If the data logging section has not been completed, the program will not run as expected.

  • Step 1: General Settings
    • Select Menu
    • Select General Settings - complete this entire section
  • Step 2: Hardware Set Up
    • Select Menu
    • Select Hardware Set Up
    • Select AUX and I/O Port
    • Select TYPE > Select IO9000X
    • Select INPUTS
      • Inputs > Select Input Channel (1 or 2)
      • Input 1 : setup wizard
        • Enable or Disable
      • Select Source Type: Level, Velocity, Flow, Temp, pH
      • Select Loop Scale: 4-20 or 0-20
        • Enter 4 and 20 mA values/range
  • Step 3: Sampling Program
    • Select Menu
    • Select Programming
    • Select Sample Programming - make sure to set up each section of the sample programming menu
  • Step 4: Set up Datalogging
    • Select Menu
    • Select Programming
    • Select Datalog Programming
      • Change port assignments:  Sensor Ports 1 and 2
      • Channels Logging: AS950, I0900X
        • Select channels set up previously (in this case flow must be chosen)
      • Logging intervals: primary and secondary

For more information on I/O wiring and options see the User Instructions : IO9000_DOC276.97.80496 .  For more information on the AS950 menu option details see the AS950 Controller Full User Manual_DOC346.53.80493  

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