How do I resolve a SENS DRY FUNC Warning on a TU5300/TU5400 turbidimeter?


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How do I resolve a SENS DRY FUNC Warning on a TU5300/TU5400 turbidimeter?
TU5300/5400 SENS. DRY: FUNC Warning
The SENS. DRY: FUNC Warning occurs when the sensor believes the drying function is not working the way it should. Below are progressive steps to take care of the issue, the next more involved than the last. 
These steps are similar to the steps used to troubleshoot a Water Ingress error - How do I resolve a Water Ingress error for a TU5300sc or TU5400sc turbidimeter?
  1. Remove power to the sc200 (unplug, trip the breaker, etc.) If power is not able to be removed, unplug the TU5300 from the controller. Unscrew the front plate on the TU5300 and remove the desiccant. (Work in the opposite way of page 15 of the manual) User Manual: TU5300 sc/TU5400 sc EPA version. Shake the desiccant pack vigorously and reinstall per page 15. Return power or the plug and see if the error is gone. If not, move on to the next step.
  2. Check the software version of the sensor. If it is anything less than 1.39, update sensor. MENU>SENSOR SETUP>(choose sensor in question)>DIAG/TEST>SENSOR INFO>CODE version>PROGRAM.  After the software is updated, ensure the error is gone. If the error is still there, go to the next step.  See below for instructions and links to the latest software package.  
    1. How is the SC sensor or module software updated using the SC200 controller?
    2. TU5300 Turbidimeter software package
    3. TU5400 Turbidimeter software package
  3. The device has a drying system to prevent condensation on the vial. If water goes into the drying system the device shows the error message "Water Ingress". The desiccant cartridge starts an irreversible water stop procedure to make sure that no water goes into the measuring unit. Make sure to use always a new desiccant cartridge, even though the desiccant cartridge has a blue indicator, to fix the water ingress 
    1. Push MENU
    3. Follow the steps that show on the controller. 
    4. Install a new desiccant cartridge during the water ingress procedure. Make sure that the new desiccant cartridge is not connected to the pump.
    5. The pump starts for 25 minutes to dry the pump and tubes. 
    6. After the drying time, dry water drips at the outlet of the pump with a dust-free cleaning cloth. 
    7. Connect the desiccant cartridge to the pump.
  4. If that doesn't fix the error, the unit will need to be sent in for service.


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