PIB 37-605 CL17sc New Software Release V2.75


Dokument-ID PIB483


Veröffentlichungsdatum 06.05.2022
PIB 37-605 CL17sc New Software Release V2.75
Product Update for distribution to Global subscribers.
Applies to the Hach Process brands.

A new firmware update (V2.75) for CL17sc has been released for production and service. Instruments with serial number 20295001813 and higher have this software installed at the time of manufacture. Instruments in the field can be updated via your SC controller using an SD card.

Key Message Points

Major Improvements:
  • Claros update - changed the cancellation screen to info-type because some Claros controllers do not support the standard dialog type.
  • Language updates – updated Japanese, added partial Polish.
Additional Improvements:
  • All warnings cleared when the "LOW SAMPLE FLOW" warning cleared.
  • Rounded chlorine measurement reading removed to allow for use of raw data for the SC controller's 4/20mA output and relay functions.
  • Standard text extended to fully state "RESETCOUNTER".
  • Device name corrected for the long measurement cycle.
  • Sample valve set to not open during the short total chlorine measurement cycles.
  • Home Button fixed to be functional in all screens.
  • Cancel feature implemented in the workflow/guided workflow screens.
  • Sample buffer now used for flow storage.
  • Transfer state feature managed by controller if an error exists.
  • Chlorine concentration calculation corrected to formula (measured value – blank value) * gain.
Level One - Customers-Distributors-Internal
Additional Notes:
  • New CL17sc software can be downloaded on Hach.com
  • This update is optional but is recommended due to continuous quality improvements
  • Instruments on one site and/or instruments connected to one SC controller are strongly recommended to have the same software version installed.
  • SC controllers should be updated to the latest software version before the CL17sc update is installed. For information on updating controller software, please review PIB 37-399 and DOC273.53.80530.
  • Please contact Technical Support (800-227-4224 ext 6133) in case of any questions
Internal Attachments
Internal Attachments

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