PIB 37-732 Claros Release Notes 2021.3 - New functionalities and features


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 22.10.2021
PIB 37-732 Claros Release Notes 2021.3 - New functionalities and features
Product Update for distribution to NA, EU and LATAM subscribers.
Applies to the Hach Claros brands.

Hach is excited to announce the latest updates, improvements and added features for Claros™, the Water Intelligence System. The following sections highlight deployment and what to expect in the latest features and fixes. For more information on Claros and Claros-enabled products, please visit hach.com/claros.
Estimated release date:
October 26th, 2021

Time for Deployment:
What to Expect: While the applications are updating, you may notice a slowdown or service interruption. If this happens, please log out and then sign back in to the application. For Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) customers, there will be no interruption to data that is sent to the SCADA system.

Other updates:

Web App: No action is required, as the update is applied by Hach.
Android Native App: Update the app in the Google Play Store. Note this may happen automatically if Auto Update is enabled for the Claros App. See https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113412 for information on updating Android Apps.

iOS Native App: The iOS update is typically available several days after Hach deploys the app as it goes thru an Apple approval process. To check to see if the update is available, go to the App Store on your device, tap the Updates Icon and click the UPDATE button next to the Claros App.

Contact Tech Support:

Claros Platform: 2021.3

Claros Platform: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements 
  • Linkage to localized Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
    • Users may now view Hach's Terms and Conditions along with our Data Privacy Policies in your browser's selected language.
    • You can access our Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy policies by selecting the Terms of Service or Privacy Polices link located at the bottom of the Login page or at the bottom of the Claros Landing Page.  
    • Users are also presented with links to our policies from the Terms and Conditions acknowledgement popup the first time they login to Claros. 
  • New parameters have been added to the Claros library. Click here for more information

Instrument Management: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements 
  • Configuring PROFINET or EtherNet/IP via MSM for the SC4500
    • Users with a PROFINET or EtherNet/IP configuration of the SC4500 controller now have the flexibility to configure the settings for these modules through the MSM remote UI.
    • PROFINET and EtherNet/IP modules will show up in the MSM UI under the SC4500 Controller Details section like other modules (e.g., PROFIBUS) as soon as these are installed in the SC4500 controller. From here the user can navigate to the menu of these modules for configuration purposes.

Process Management: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Data Management: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
North America only:*
WaterTrax - What's New*
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Visit the Aquatic Support Portal for a full list of all software updates and other popular resources to help answer your specific questions. Explore more with your log-in here:  https://aquaticinformatics.deskpro.com/en/login
WIMS* FSDATA - What's New*
  • Complete the integration of FSDATA user administration with Claros authentication
    • This feature brings FSDATA Online to parity with the legacy interface for user management. Users are now able to create and modify users and account administrators (with integration into Claros user model) and set user permissions for the FSDATA functional areas. Users of the Legacy interface who are migrated to Claros will benefit by being able to directly administer their users and administrators.
    • A benefit of this feature is that the main FSDATA menu navigation tree now reflects the applied access permissions for the logged in user. 
    • For those users with account access permission, the FSDATA Online user interface has menu actions for Account Administrators and Users, plus a menu action Link Account, located under the Accounts section.
    • For FSDATA customers already migrated to Claros, all users will show as “Linked” under Link Account (no additional action needed), and any new users created will also automatically get linked with Claros.
    • For FSDATA customer not migrated to Claros, please contact Hach Technical Support to migrate customer accounts and receive an activation email for the account administrator.  Once the Claros activation step is complete, the account administrator can use the Accounts/Users interface to recreate their FSDATA users.  This creates more secure users that are also linked to Claros. 
  • FSDATA Report/Graphing fully functional with legacy site
    • This feature brings FSDATA Online graphing and report features to parity with the legacy interface. The following defects were resolved accordingly:
      • Under a graph's Options, the new Settings option "Legacy Averaging" is now available.  This allows users to select between the exiting FSDATA functionality of graphing all data points, versus automatically applying the same averaging algorithm from the Legacy interface when creating the graph
      • Fixed issues around included information and format for exported graphs and reports
      • Fixed issues when filling out various Settings for graphs and reports
      • Fixed issues in scaling and data appearance on graphs
      • Fixed issues around missing data and data channels for graphs and reports 
  • Remove specific Legacy impediments to migrate to new FSDATA Online
    • This feature brings FSDATA Online Dashboard to parity with the Legacy interface for Instruments and Diagnostics features. The following defects were resolved accordingly:
      • Update to the Dashboard/Map view to highlighting the selected site and adding hover over information
      • Fixed issues related to data importing and reporting, and site merging
      • Fixed issues with adding and programming instruments
      • Site attachments stored with the Legacy interface will now be available 
    • This release contains a few fixes to the application. Please explore more detailed release notes for this release and previous releases here.

Best Regards,

The Hach Claros Team


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